Transfer the knowledge you need to effectivley implement these CPI

approaches by emphasizing
Five Key Enablers
1.) Systems Thinking

2.) Define the Purpose

3.) Measure Progress defined by it

4.) Think & Act on the limiting factor

5.) Focus Efforts

Steven Covey, Maurcio Vanegas, Col. Dan Gillan, Robert Fox

Synergergistic--Systemic--Unbiased INNOVATION
for 8 Years

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This event is designed to offer practical and relevant information on the latest developments in applying these predominant improvement methods in an integrative systemic approach. *

                     Russ Pirasteh
Dr. Russ Pirasteh has formulated TOC/Lean/Six-Sigma (TLS) CPI methodology to fill the gaps among CPI approaches he has experienced. He earned a Ph.D. in Engineering, an MBA in Industrial Management, Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified Master Black Belt- Lean Six Sigma, and Certified Lean Master.

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Upcoming 2012 CPI Symposium Events:                                      
- Cal State University Northridge, Feb 24-25, 2012
- Weber State University, May 2013
- Washington State University, Summer 2013




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CPI Symposiums:  Approaching our 8th year of presenting the best in organizational improvement approaches with an unbiased, results-based, scientific approach.

As a committee of volunteers comprised of; Academic professionals, public/private industry experts, and concerned business leaders, we saw a need to propagate these largely unknown methods--The adoption of which, we firmly believe, can transform our economy and restore competitiveness to our country.

These events were created to strengthen U.S. businesses, and other institutions, by introducing them to cutting-edge management and process improvement techniques and to motivate continued innovation.




                                               Thomas Pyzdek
Author of The Six Sigma Handbook, Pyzdek's work is widely acclaimed for its ability to make the seemingly complex subject of process excellence understandable. Pyzdek's works have been studied by hundreds of thousands for their exam preparation. Mr. Pyzdek is a 2011 Lifetime Fox Award recipient.







TLS: Why All The Fuss?
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